In Toronto…

I’ve lived in Toronto for about 13 years. I moved to BC on August 27th, 2005 and my goal was to visit Toronto at least twice a year. This time around however didn’t return home for one year. I must say, having moved to Vancouver sure does put a new perspective on living in Toronto. Hmmm…. honestly I really have so much to say but can’t seem to articulate it into words so going to leave this comparison bit to a later post.

I shall get into how my Toronto trip is for now: so far is has been so so, having no car here really sucks. Last year I had a car so pretty much drove around as I pleased. This time I stay most of the days at home on the net and just chill and relax as what I intended to do on this trip anyways. I met with a couple of my friends and actually managed to go camping for a weekend as well. How the camping happened was quite so wrong. I was waiting for my brother to cut his hair and had been telling my friends I wont’ be coming camping cause I want to spend most of the time with the family etc and by coming camping it would take too many days away from the family. These guys had other plans, while I was waiting for my brother to cut his hair, they somehow convinced me on coming and litterly came and picked me up from the barber salon which left me with only the clothes on my back for the next few days. I did make them stop on the way at walmart to pick up a few change of clothes and some runners etc. The camp was AWESOME, I must say it was much better than I had anticipated. Played quite a few sports and actually found out that cricket can be fun only when batting though hehehe.

Hmmm what else did I accomplish while here in Toronto… basically hanged out with a few of my friends and had tons of fun. I also hung out with my brother and he took me to quite a few salsa places and learned salsa. Anyways shall update later on.

So far on a rating Toronto visit is 6/10.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan

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