Stressful Week….

This week has been quite stressful. Having two members short in my team at work has really taken some toll. Somehow, I seem to be managing it so, but at what cost? Its one thing to get things done, but its another to risk healthy state of a mind and over work it. Basically, this week probably totaled double the number of hours I normally work. I suspect that is common in the industry at times. Hopefully next week will be a bit more relaxed. Somehow I doubt it…

Today, I finished work around 8 pm. What do I do when I get home you think? Go straight on my laptop to finish off the subversion portion that I was doing. Why? So from 4 Pm to 7:30 Pm, my self and a co-worker had to be on a service call to get this newly purchased Storage Area Network (SAN) to work with Red Hat AS4. We followed specs line by line. After much debugging we were yet again left with no solution. While on these service calls, much time is spent waiting for the representative to find solutions. I hate to waste time doing nothing, being the multitasker that I am, I started to work on some test cases for the subversion project. While I was doing that, it was abruptly ended when the service call ended (with no solution of course). So having started something, another pet peeve of mine is to leave things unfinished. So had to get home and finish this up. Basically it was yet another test case for creating repositories.

Ok, I’ve been on the computer far to long. Must get sleep. I thought I’d update on what I’ve been doing for the week. Of course there are more but shall keep this short cause my eyes are almost falling down as I type this.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan

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