Sequence your very own genome.

In 2003 the genome project sequenced the first human genome. Now in 2007 this service is available to the general public where each person has the ability to sequence their own DNA and find out what disease lurks from within. So far two companies have come out with this service: - This site is Google driven and costs $999 and a swab from your mouth to get you your results. - A little cheaper with $985 based off of a a bio-pharmaceutical company.

A robot plays the violin – shockingly well

Article: I saw this on reuters tech week and was pretty amazed at how well this robot played the violin. The human like form with precise fingering was really awesome to watch. At the end the show, the way that the robot waved and took a bow also amazed me. This really does tell me that we are moving into the new world where robots will be roaming among us and the movie irobot will not be just a movie but would rather be a reality.