first wordpress plugin submission.

So today I had to write a plugin for wordpress. I don't personally use wordpress a lot. I like my drupal CMS which gives me better control. But none-the-less wrote a plugin to allow for inclusion of one post from within another post by simply adding the [include id=post_id] into the content of the other post.

WordPress Plugin: WP-Include-Posts

Wordpress Plugin: WP-Include-Posts


Contributors: Thusjanthan Kubendranathan Tags: include post Requires at least: 1.5 Tested up to: 3.2 Stable tag: 3.2


This plugin will allow you to include contents of one post into another post by adding the text [include id=post_id_of_another_post] into the content of the current post. You can add as many of these includes as you'd like.


1. Extract the contents of the archive 2. Upload the contents of the wp-note folder to your 'wp-content/plugins' folder