Groupon Concept

So the other day I was on facebook and noticed my sister-in-law had posted something about Groupon. Ofcourse I had to go see it. I saw this amazing deal for $40 voucher to this restaurant called 'Shaken not Stirred' in downtown vancouver for a mere $15 dollars. I looked into the restaurant and the reviews were amazing. So I went ahead and bought the voucher for $15.

gdb stacktrace

For my thesis I have been coding in C++. Having to workthrough another persons c++ code is quite the trying task. Especially one that chunks away millions of tuples of just raw numbers. So finding out the stack trace when your c++ code throws the very nice and useful "Segmentation Fault" would be good. After digging through the net I found a nifty alias for your ubuntu that runs the app in gdb and will throw out the stacktrace if seg fault happens. Add the following to your .bashrc, source it and your good to go: alias gcatch='gdb -ex r -ex back -ex q -args'

Drupal login problem with 6.17 and php 5.2

So I got home and tried login in again. Guess what the login was broke again. So was talking to Scott and he suggested to reverse all the changes. I went one step up and just untared a new version of drupal 6.17 over my installation and magically it worked again. Interesting... Why wasn't it working before? No clue... But the most important thing is it works now :)

Drupal 6.17 Login problems with PHP 5.2

So I upgraded to drupal 6.17 a week or so ago and guess what my hosting company decides to upgrade their PHP to 5.2. Ofcourse as you would know it my drupal instance decides to not work any more. I would try to login as an admin and get prompted right back. I searched for quite a while and finally found a combination that fixed it. I believe the following will fix: Drupal 6.17 Php: 5.2.13 Add following at the very bottom of index.php: drupal_page_footer(); $GLOBALS['tempUser'] = $user; session_write_close(); Also following dirty patch for includes/

Django output pdf using reportlab

Today I implemented the pdf output of the CS outlines. I must say the reportlab was much easier to work with than the java based com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfWriter. It only took me a few hours to completely reimplement the export to pdf's in python/django. I will post the code below for those interested in exporting to pdf using django.

jQuery – Table row highlight

My first task that I had set out to do was to replace this table row highlighter that was found from somewhere on the web to be using jquery instead. I found that this task to be extremely easy with jquery. The syntax are as follows: First ofcourse download the jquery library from and include it into your html. Then do the following: jQuery: /*basically toggles the hoverHighlited class everytime the mouse enters the row */ $(function(){ $('tr#highlight_row').hover(function(){ $(this).toggleClass('hoverHighlighted') }); }); css:

Update on my progress

As of now I am currently starting my research on my Masters Thesis so will be posting about that quite a bit as time goes on. I will be using C++ to implement an optimized bottom up cubing to use to determine emerging patterns. Emerging patterns are itemsets/patterns that show significant increase in support given two datasets. We will be using: DPminer: Which is an algorithm used to find key's, generators and closed patterns given a set of datasets. Thus far is the fastest algorithm to determine closed patterns.

Decided to update my site

After months of not updating my site I thought it was about time to update and put up a new theme and start the blogging again as a tool to self reflect. Updated to Drupal 6.17 and right away there were problems with login's where I had to modify the to hash out the: //session_regenerate_id(); else the login wasn't working. It would successfully log me in but would take me back to the page with the login prompt. I believe that is because dreamhost (my ISP) decided to upgrade their php to 5.2.13 as of June 29/10.