My first hobby turned startup project – (All your group deal needs in one place)

About 2 years ago I came across groupon. Since then I had started buying a lot of daily deal coupons. I signed up to such services as yipit and onespout. With the help of those sites, I was buying coupons from many group deal sites. Last year (2011), I got fed up with the fact I wasn’t sure where I bought some of my deals. As a developer, I thought to myself there must be a better way. So I started writing scripts to go to these different group sites, authenticate, keep my session and allow to download the different coupons that I had already purchased from these daily deal sites.

Last year around February, My brother and I wanted to start our own daily deal site. We had built the entire implementation including being PCI compliant as well as merchant accounts and etc. Unfortunately, later we found that it was not very easy to land many of the merchants to accept the contracts. They had been soured by the many big providers that had approached them. Without taking much lose, we had dissolved the concept.

Few months went by and around June, I wanted to startup SuperGroupDeals again. This time with a new goal in mind. I want to provide a service to the end users like myself that purchase a lot of coupons to later find not knowing where they purchased from. I built the first prototype using the theme we had for our first project. I setup, dealfind, groupon, wagjag and teambuy, the top deal sites in canada to allow to link end user coupons for them to be able to download, print, and view all their purchased coupons in one place.

With the ease of such an integration, I decided to add another feature to allow end users to sell their coupons in the event they are not able to use it. So then I integrated PayPal and some basic selling feature. There would be absolutely no charge to end users for purchasing and only the cost levied by PayPal for selling.

These alone were good enough features for one to come visit the site. I thought about it and wanted to build a one stop shop for all daily group deals. I made contacts with all the top deal providers to aggregate their deals much like onespout and yipit. This whole process took me roughly 2 months to build, including the business relationships with many deal sites. The product was formed.

– Update – has now been moved to – All your GROUP DEAL needs in one place! Buy, sell, download and consolidate all your deals from groupon, wagjag, dealfind, livingsocial and etc. Sell your unused coupons. Download your existing coupons. See all the current coupons from all group buying sites. Project was launched in December of 2011.

Have a look and all your comments are welcomed!

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan M.Sc.

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