Alzheimer’s Disease may be of the past

Furthering my post on biotechnology, I recently read an article claiming that the gene of interest that is the primary cause of Alzheimer's has been discovered. The amyloid-beta protein (A-beta)is thought to stick together to form toxic deposits in the brain. This does explain the loss of memory as a result of this behavior. I do recall seeing a discovery channel show where they mentioned that the size of the gray matter of a person's brain is directly proportional to the memory power of the individual.

there was the web messenger, now new in the web world is live documents…

The name Sabeer Bhatia isn't known to many, however most have used his product one time or another, Hotmail. The inventor of hotmail who sold it off to Microsoft for a good $400 million has now created another bargaining ground. Live Documents, what this does is basically offer free what the Office product line offers for $500 a piece. Sabeer Bhatia and a team of 32 engineers off of the IT sector of India have cracked Microsoft's Office line open and provided an online interface. Essentially its an email box where you store your documents and can edit/save/retrieve etc.

Future Technology… Where is it headed?

During my undergrad years, I've always wondered: This has already been done, that has already been done... What is next? Is there any more advances in the technology industry? As always something new seems to be cropping up and catching the eye of the public. After all it is the public that drives the industry. Even now I am wondering what is new? What can be done to become the next millionaire?

Cloning of a dozen adult primates….Advantage or Disadvantage to humankind?

Article: I fail to see the advantage of this recent breakthrough. I see this as more of a problem then an advantage to humankind. They do mention in the article that using this in humans could lead to embryonic stem cells which can be used to grow human organs etc. However, they already have a workaround to using the embryonic stem cells which was to use the stem cells found in the skin. So this isn't an advantage towards cloning.

openID seems to be the way to go for SSO for web based applications.

I've been to an openID seminar before that was hosted by sxip. At first I was skeptical about it. After having used and integrated into a couple of sites, the idea is really AWESOME. This does really leave your passwords into one site so leaves to a central point of failure. So I am not sure how comfortable I will be letting my bank account or something as serious as that use openID but we shall we what the future has for it. For now to openID wOOt!. Thusjanthan Kubendranathan B.Sc.