An all in one camera, voice recorder to backup your brain…


So Microsoft is out to get a piece of the pie… But what pie? They seem to be touching on gadgets now? Anyhow, so they decided to come up with this what I call a camera/voice recorder all in one that you update to keep your memories. The name “MyLifeBits”, I haven’t really read the entire article but I hope there are more features than merely recording and capturing pictures. They also mentioned something about a search feature to go back to a time when… I would really like to know how they did that and if it even works. How much memory/drive space does it require? How big is it to lug around?

I do see an advantage for those with alzheimer’s disease. As a personal tool that everyone will be carrying around, I don’t think it will fly. Especially when actual laptops are coming out that are 7′ in size why carry a glorified gadget that does just recording and picture taking. Another gadget that would easily replace this is the iPhone. Although, I don’t have one personally from what I read about and hear about from others is that it has some amazing picture taking capabilities as well as much space to record stuff onto. Why “MyLifeBits”, well hopefully its much lower in price than an iPhone.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan B.Sc.

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