Cloning of a dozen adult primates….Advantage or Disadvantage to humankind?


I fail to see the advantage of this recent breakthrough. I see this as more of a problem then an advantage to humankind. They do mention in the article that using this in humans could lead to embryonic stem cells which can be used to grow human organs etc. However, they already have a workaround to using the embryonic stem cells which was to use the stem cells found in the skin. So this isn’t an advantage towards cloning.

They also mention in the article that the new technique of manipulating primate eggs to improve cloning efficiency will lead to increased attempts at creating and destroying cloned human embryos … How is this ethical? One who finds the use of embryonic cells as stem cells to be unethical should be appalled by this.

They should surely use this funding money to better humankind by finding cures to those diseases that are eliminating humankind such as Cancer, AIDS, etc. I totally even support the entire Genome project to find genes that have mutated and possibly cure them using some sort of gene therapy.

Well that was my two cents on this cloning concept.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan B.Sc.

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