Stressful Week….

This week has been quite stressful. Having two members short in my team at work has really taken some toll. Somehow, I seem to be managing it so, but at what cost? Its one thing to get things done, but its another to risk healthy state of a mind and over work it. Basically, this week probably totaled double the number of hours I normally work. I suspect that is common in the industry at times. Hopefully next week will be a bit more relaxed. Somehow I doubt it...

Finally setup Dynamic DNS at home.

After quite some time, got fed up with the fact that shaw kept changing my IP. This meant that on my work machine where I set this "home IP" to have ssh/etc access will fail every time shaw desides to change my IP. So what I set up is a dynamic dns using a free account with This is a feature that comes with my router where if my ip changes it will update with this dns site of my new ip. Thus this company will give me a domain name aka. (or something like that) which resolves to my routers IP.

Ajax – Drag & Drop

This is the feature that I woud like to implement into the subversion project. Thought I'd put out the code that makes this drag and drop feature. This is thanks to In order to make this work, you need to download the code from: The following is the code that allows items to be dropped into a box. <html> <head> <title>Test Drag & Drop</title> <script src="javascript/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Subversion Project

Working on this subversion project for work. Essentially what it does is it requests what repositories the users want ( lecturers/professors) and goes out and puts then into a database. Then a cron job runs and picks out the requested repositories and creates them with appropriate rights. Don't want to give away too much of the design specs as it could compromise the security of the application (possibly). Anyhow, a unique feature that I thought would be fun for this application is to enable a drag and drop feature.

Flash Object Tip.

I thought I'd put some quick tech tips for myself and anyone else that is looking for help. I do have most of this hosted on however thought, putting it in a blog would make sense as it would consolidate all my information into one bundle of joy ;). Also wasn't too sure of the category to put this under since its going to be a mix of all things so decided to call it "Tech Tips". So the tip for today:

Flash MX 2004 is not as easy as I thought… What else…?

Soo... Don't know really what to put in a blog yet... So going to keep this blog a "personal" goals/accomplishments/just day to day stuff. So what did I accomplish today: I must say been trying to learn this Flash MX 2004 is tougher then I thought. I purchased a template from to customize for a client. I knew how to do some flash using flash 5 back in the days and currently do some flash work (if needed) using Swish. So thought "Hey how hard could it be...", it seems harder then I thought.