Finally setup Dynamic DNS at home.

After quite some time, got fed up with the fact that shaw kept changing my IP. This meant that on my work machine where I set this “home IP” to have ssh/etc access will fail every time shaw desides to change my IP. So what I set up is a dynamic dns using a free account with This is a feature that comes with my router where if my ip changes it will update with this dns site of my new ip. Thus this company will give me a domain name aka. (or something like that) which resolves to my routers IP. Now my machine at work recognizes this domain as the correct ip and accept any connections from my machine at home. Yep this is pretty cool :).

What else for the tech side… Oh I have just downloaded Ubuntu 7.04 and am planning on installing it on a spare machine to host a CS server. We’ll see how that goes.

On another note… Just completed a functional template for one of my website design clients: Pretty simple design using flash. Which means that I have figured out how to use Flash MX 2004 from my previous post about not being able to figure out how to use Flash MX 2004.

Now its time to workout 🙂

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan

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