Subversion Project

Working on this subversion project for work. Essentially what it does is it requests what repositories the users want ( lecturers/professors) and goes out and puts then into a database. Then a cron job runs and picks out the requested repositories and creates them with appropriate rights. Don’t want to give away too much of the design specs as it could compromise the security of the application (possibly). Anyhow, a unique feature that I thought would be fun for this application is to enable a drag and drop feature. Basically this eliminates users from typing in a users name for appropriate repository rights, instead they can just drag/drop the students from the appropriate class into the box. Now I have to think to myself… Am I complicating this application more then in needs, or will this be a good feature that could be used by the end users. A programmer/developer/designer must always put their self’s in the shoes of the user. Most times we are blinded by the “features/gimmicks” that we can put forward to the user and make a “simple” application much more complicated then needed. For now I have completed the functionality of the subversion project and we shall see what I wake up to tomorrow about going forth with the ajax component.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan.

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