Flash MX 2004 is not as easy as I thought… What else…?

Soo… Don’t know really what to put in a blog yet… So going to keep this blog a “personal” goals/accomplishments/just day to day stuff. So what did I accomplish today: I must say been trying to learn this Flash MX 2004 is tougher then I thought. I purchased a template from templatemonster.com to customize for a client. I knew how to do some flash using flash 5 back in the days and currently do some flash work (if needed) using Swish. So thought “Hey how hard could it be…”, it seems harder then I thought. Currently just modifying the menu and having a hard time just adding a new link (I am suppose to be a techy HA HA). Is knowing flash considered a techy though? Currently however, the clients are requiring more and more fancier and flashier pages so it does help to know it. Its like VB: Does knowing Visual Basics make you a programmer? (I don’t think so, but one can argue against that).

On a more happy thought, I went for a jog today and feel quite refreshed. So time to get to this Flash MX 2004 and trying to create a new link in this menu bar ( wish me luck indeed ). I shall try to update this blog everyday with my daily accomplishments.

Entertainment for today: House MD, I just recently got addicted to this show as it is QUITE interesting. So the show is about differential diagnostics of patients that have extreme cases of course. After all this is a show that they are trying to get people interested in and by putting normal cases it won’t be as attractive as say… hmmm a person who got bit by a dog and is about to die in a couple of mins… what could have caused it? The Answer: Basically the dog had quite a bit of bacteria in its mouth, since dogs have the ability to fight this off naturally and we don’t it causes an infection and spreads quite rapidly. Of course there was a whole bit of drama on this but I’ll leave that out of this.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan

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