Future Technology… Where is it headed?

During my undergrad years, I’ve always wondered: This has already been done, that has already been done… What is next? Is there any more advances in the technology industry? As always something new seems to be cropping up and catching the eye of the public. After all it is the public that drives the industry. Even now I am wondering what is new? What can be done to become the next millionaire? Can I create an application like that of Mark Zuckerberg of Harvard who become an icon of the social network industry with his facebook creation. I am sure there are new “social” networks to be created as facebook becomes super saturated just as with friendster, etc…, but do I want to build my fortune on that industry hahaha as funny as that sounds to me. Anyhow, I see a greater use for computers that I am certain will be the next best thing, Biotechnology. People now-a-days are always worried about their health. One might think, are you sure about that with US and many other countries having extremely high obesity crises. Well eventually they will jump on the wagon as well when they realize that obesity is a serious disease.

Anyhow, Biotechnology would be the next trend for computers after the micro world passes by with your PDA/mini laptops etc… Biotechnology will come and find cures to many problems. Hopefully by than we can sequence a person genome in much shorter time and analyze it with great efficiency and find any degenerative diseases that can be cured with a simple transjection or a pill. One can only hope. I don’t think we are that far from that future though. Thinking about it, it was only in 2003, many different sequencing companies one which comes to my mind is the Sanger institute were responsible for the first complete human genome. Since than scientists all over the world have begun to decipher the highly encrypted code of only 4 different characters. Humans truly are the not the race to be reckoned with. We have the ability to create intelligent things based on how we were put together. Interesting how computers are can be decompiled to machine language in merely 0’s and 1’s and humans can be “decompiled” into human language of four characters A,G,T,C. So if hackers are trying to decipher and hack into computers with 0’s and 1’s, scientists are merely doing the same only in a different playing ground with much more obstacles and ethics etc. Anyhow, I know I have come off topic from what I have initially intended for this blog entry so I shall end here and conclude with “Future is with biotechnology”.

Thusjanthan Kubendranathan B.Sc.

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