there was the web messenger, now new in the web world is live documents…

The name Sabeer Bhatia isn’t known to many, however most have used his product one time or another, Hotmail. The inventor of hotmail who sold it off to Microsoft for a good $400 million has now created another bargaining ground. Live Documents, what this does is basically offer free what the Office product line offers for $500 a piece. Sabeer Bhatia and a team of 32 engineers off of the IT sector of India have cracked Microsoft’s Office line open and provided an online interface. Essentially its an email box where you store your documents and can edit/save/retrieve etc. This is a free service with 100mb of free space for your documents. Surely it has been thought of by many but not many have pursued it to complete it. Although Google apps has something similar, according to Sabeer it comes no where close to Live documents. Currently it is only by invite, so I have registered and hopefully they send me an invite so that I can try out this tool. In the mean time let me go check out what Google has to offer. Also, I thought I’d post this interesting quote that Sabeer mentioned “We are just a few years away from the end of the shrink-wrapped software business. By 2010, people will not be buying software,” Sabeer Bhatia. Interesting quote indeed.

URL to live documents:

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