Groupon Concept

So the other day I was on facebook and noticed my sister-in-law had posted something about Groupon. Ofcourse I had to go see it. I saw this amazing deal for $40 voucher to this restaurant called ‘Shaken not Stirred’ in downtown vancouver for a mere $15 dollars. I looked into the restaurant and the reviews were amazing. So I went ahead and bought the voucher for $15.

The following week my wife and I went to the restaurant. The service was AMAZING!. It was my wife’s birthday so I had told the waiter to bring a cake around at the end. They topped that by the chef making one of his special apple crumble pie of some sort which tasted average, but the thought was what counted. It was also on the house. Anyhow, I had a 6 oz steak and it was truly one of the best steaks I’ve had. The best part was after the $40 voucher from groupon, it only costed me another $10. So totally I had spent $15 (for the voucher) and $10 for the bill + $10 for the tip for a total of $35 for an amazing night out.

Today I had bought a groupon voucher to the Teahouse restaurant in Stanley park. Again the voucher is for $25 but only costed me $12.

How does groupon work? Basically its group buying power. Do you remember when you were a kid and wanted to go to wonderland and they would say if you come as a group of 10 we’ll give you 20% off? Well similar to that concept but its not 10 people that you know but 1000 other people that your leveraging on. So if 1000 people bought this groupon, the restaurant would get that many peoples business + more. So thus restaurants offer cheap rates to groupon so that they increase their exposure.

I would highly recommend anyone to sign up for groupon. Use the following link below and apparently I get $10 credit for bringing you to groupon’s site 🙂


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