Update on my progress

As of now I am currently starting my research on my Masters Thesis so will be posting about that quite a bit as time goes on. I will be using C++ to implement an optimized bottom up cubing to use to determine emerging patterns.

Emerging patterns are itemsets/patterns that show significant increase in support given two datasets. We will be using:

DPminer: Which is an algorithm used to find key’s, generators and closed patterns given a set of datasets. Thus far is the fastest algorithm to determine closed patterns.

Will keep the details for another post. As for work, currently put in place the new development framework for the Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. This will be based on Django which is a python based framework. Thus far it has proven to be useful. Previously a teammate and myself implemented the Spring framework which is a Java based framework. We decided to move to Django recently for reasons I won’t say in this blog.

I still feel Django is not nearly as powerful as Spring. Some of the things I really liked about Spring was it was far more decoupled to its layers than Django. Especially when it comes to the database layer. Django for one doesn’t support multiple primary keys on tables which is quite a problem for us as many of our tables were already created using multiple primary keys. Not too much of a fan of the templating engine either. With Velocity on spring, the user had pretty much endless options to code almost directly using Java without any business logics in the template of course. Django’s form model is said to be impressive and will have a look at that shortly and fill you in how that goes.

Also on the side, I have decided to brush up on my javascript skills. I always “just knew” javascript because I knew Java I guess. I was comfortable going through javascript code and modify etc. But now I am putting an effort to actually learn jQuery and will fill in more on that as time goes.

So for now thats all the update that I have.


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