Bing now powers Yahoo Search

Could this be the demise of Google? I doubt it. With a 65% search market share it will take some time for Microsoft to catch up to Google. Google’s primary business is in search and ads while Microsoft is touching every sector of IT from OS, Browser, Search, and so on. It wouldn’t shock me if Microsoft decides to buy out Dell to touch a little on the hardware side as well.

With that being said I have used Bing and Google and to be honest they both work well. It is now up to the end users to determine who survives the battle. However as you can see from history, Microsoft does try to play its cards right. Back in 2003 before Google went IPO, Microsoft knew this could potentially harm their business and tried to do a merger with Google; smart. Unfortunately for Microsoft that deal didn’t get materialized and so now they are stuck with only 28% of the search market share. If also wasn’t for Andy Bechtolsheim the co-founder of Sun Microsystems who gave $100K back in 1998 to Google a company that didn’t even exist, then Google would probably not be where it is today.

IT is always changing, we will see who will win the search market in the future. As for my prediction, both will co-exist as Microsoft gains some ground on Google to even out the battle field. Reason being we have the two set of population: The “I Hate Microsoft” crowd also known as the *Nix lovers that will go with Google and the “Microsoft is God” crowd that will follow with what ever Microsoft dishes out. Its just a matter of the percentage of these two groups really. I have a leg in both boats at the moment, but should decide to step fully into one boat soon before they both go their own way and I sink. I haven’t yet decided what boat that will be but future will tell.


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