Whats next…

On Monday November, 15 2010 I hit the button on Simon Fraser University’s system to graduate. Whats next? Shockingly, the feeling still hasn’t yet hit me that I finished my masters in computer science. However, I have moved on. Monday, I picked up a book on objective-c and almost finished reading it now. My short term plan for the next few months is to write a few applications for the iPhone/iPad. I have a potential client that is interested in an iPad application and this will move me towards what I think would be the next big wave – the mobile development sector.

So far I have installed Xcode 3.2.4 along with the iOS SDK 4.1 and am about to embark on new territory. Objective-c seems relatively trivial, all I need to know now is how to wrap my head around writing code using the new framework. Wish me luck!

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